We are constantly developing to ensure exceptional product - paperboxes, papercarte, paperbags - quality, adjust to market demands, and dynamic maintenance. It is important to us to maintain and stabilize our existing market position, expand our market, and improve our production process.

We aspire to satisfy all of our customers' qualitative, technical and deadline requirement within our contracts and specifications and expand our market. This is, why we formed, apply and constainly develop our quality system to meet the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.

During the system operation, the company has adjusting to changing needs, new qualitative demand, and this way we emphasize the importance of understanding our clients' expectations for maximum performance. The company's management knows that is important for all employees to be committed and take part to ensure high quality.

ARLE Ltd.'s management feels a responsibility towards the standard described above, and takes care to ensure that its employees understand, apply and continue to keep to the standard.

Mr. László Horváth
chief manager, owner